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What is a specific bequest?  This may be a common question that is asked of an estate planning attorney, and specific bequests are common and important when assisting individuals with their estate plan.  A specific bequest is stated within a will and last testament and is when a testator or testatrix bequeaths a specific item to a specific person.  For example, Jeff may have an antique rifle and he wishes to leave to his son Jake.  Thus, in Jeff’s will and last testament Jeff may make a specific bequest to Jake, and the specific request may state something such as “I specifically bequeath my antique Winchester rifle to my son, Jake.”

Thus a specific bequest allows a testator or testatrix to identify specific items and assets and leave those assets to a specific individual.  As always, you should discuss your estate planning questions and issues with your estate planning attorney.  If you have questions regarding your estate plan, you can contact an estate planning attorney at The McGuire Law Firm.  The McGuire Law Firm provides a free consultation with an estate planning attorney so you can discuss your questions, issues and concerns regarding your estate documents and most importantly your wishes and the legacy you wish to leave.

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