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Taxpayer Bill of Rights
As taxpayer you have the right to notice and a hearing prior to the IRS enforcing collection of any tax due.  After the IRS has issued a series a notices, the IRS must issue a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and allow you 30 days to request a hearing, which is generally referred to...
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A taxpayer has the right to a collection due process hearing with the Internal Revenue Service Appeals Office under certain circumstances.  This hearing can be very beneficial to a taxpayer in terms of preventing enforcement action such as a bank levy or wage garnishment and by a means to establish or propose an agreement with...
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As a tax attorney it is important to know and understand a taxpayer’s rights before the Internal Revenue Service, and I feel it is important for a taxpayer to know and understand their rights as well.  It is exciting and interesting to hear that the Internal Revenue Service has recently adopted a Taxpayer Bill of...
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