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Under certain circumstances and upon the Internal Revenue Service issuing certain collection notices, you have the right to request a Collection Due Process Hearing.
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IRS Form 5471
Summary: Tax-exempt and/or nonprofit organizations may be required to file form 5471. There are several instances where form 5471 would be required. Often, detailed analysis and thorough understanding of the tax rules are required to determine if there is a filing obligation. Failing to file (including late filing) for form is subject to a $10,000...
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What U.S. Citizens Should Know About Form 5471 (2)
What Is Form 5471?  The title of Form 5471 lays it out succinctly, “Information Return of U.S. Persons Concerning Certain Foreign Corporations.”  It is the form used to report information about a foreign corporation where a US person owns an interest in the said foreign corporation. It sounds simple enough…. A taxpayer or tax practitioner...
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Life Events That Cause Tax Changes
Throughout the stages of life, many significant events can cause major financial tax changes. In addition to affecting your bank accounts, some life events can significantly impact your taxes. Knowing this impact before, during, and after the event can help minimize confusion around filing your taxes in Denver.  Marriage Several factors may impact your tax...
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Learn About Individual Taxation in Colorado
Individual Taxation Income taxes are a significant source of revenue for states. Most states impose an income tax on residents and non-residents alike. Individual taxation is usually progressive, meaning that the amount of tax owed increases with each additional dollar earned. States also levy other taxes, including sales, property, excise, and corporate taxes. The Internal...
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What You Should Know About Qualified Charitable Distributions
What are Qualified Charitable Distributions? Qualified charitable distributions (QCDC) allow individuals over age 70 ½ to donate money directly from a taxable IRA without triggering a 10% early withdrawal penalty. This type of contribution is called a “qualified charitable distribution.” A QCDC does not trigger a 10% early withdrawal fee, unlike traditional IRA withdrawals. However,...
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Making Charitable Contributions You Should Know About IRS Form 8283
What Is Form 8283? Form 8283 is a tax reporting form used to report donations to charities. If you donate property valued at $500 or more during the calendar year, you must complete and submit Form 8283 within 30 days of making the gift. This includes cash gifts, securities, life insurance policies, annuities, real estate...
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When Is A Stock Purchase Treated as Asset Purchase
The Acquisition Process When businesses acting as the seller or purchaser are going through the acquisition process, there is likely to be discussion as to whether the acquisition will be structured as an asset purchase or a stock purchase. There are advantages and disadvantages to an asset purchase and a stock purchase for both the...
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FIRPTA McGuire Law Firm
Many people have questions relating to FIRPTA and the relating withholding tax requirements. Below are common questions and answers related to FIRPTA, but please remember to consult directly with your tax attorney and other tax advisors.  What is FIRPTA? FIRPTA is a withholding tax requirement for a foreign person’s disposition of a U.S. real property...
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Taxation of Investors, Traders, & Dealers in Securities
Defining Investors, Traders, Securities & Dealers Many individuals (and businesses) buy stock and securities with the hopes and intent of the securities appreciating and perhaps paying interest or dividends. What determines when an individual is treated as an investor, dealer, or trader? Furthermore, what are the tax treatment and proper way to report income and...
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