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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Your estate plan will outline how you will leave your assets to your loved ones.  It does not always matter what you leave, but how you leave it! Many people will delay or even forego estate planning. The most common reasons center around the thought that an individual must be wealthy to warrant the preparation of estate planning documents or cannot afford the legal costs involved.


You can begin to plan your estate at any point in time. Even individuals with little assets (and especially minor children) benefit from basic estate planning documents. A trusted estate planning attorney experienced in preparing wills and trusts may prepare these essential documents for a reasonable fee. So, what documents do you need? At The McGuire Law Firm, a Denver estate planning attorney can establish a comprehensive yet basic estate plan including the following documents:


  1. Will
  2. Financial Power of Attorney
  3. Medical Power of Attorney
  4. HIPAA Release
  5. Living Will (if applicable)
  6. Organ Donation (if applicable)


Contact the McGuire Law Firm to speak with and schedule a free consultation with a Denver estate planning attorney.  

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