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IRS Tax Help
What is tax help or IRS tax help?  As a tax attorney I hear the term quite often and thus, thought I would provide information as to what I feel can be considered tax help.  Please read the article and view the video below, and of course, you can contact our law firm to speak...
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What is an IRS tax attorney?  I have heard the term before and as a tax attorney I thought I would draft the article and prepare the video below to provide my opinion or definition of an IRS tax attorney. First, in my opinion, an IRS tax attorney could be an attorney working for the...
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A tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist you with your IRS issues and questions.  Below is a list of some, but not all of the matters a tax attorney can help you with, and a video that discusses and/or provides one attorney’s idea as to what would constitute IRS tax help. IRS...
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