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Excluding Gain From the Sale of Your House
Excluding Gain Limits You may qualify for excluding gain from the sale of your home by up to $250k of your capital gains from your taxable income or $500k if you’re filing a joint tax return with your spouse. You must sell your principal residence before you can claim the exclusion. You can exclude gain...
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The Statistics of Income bulletin can be interesting to read because the information compares certain tax related figures such as income, adjusted gross income, tax credits and other issues from tax year to tax year.  The article below discusses a few of the figures and statistics that have recently been released on the spring of...
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Corporate Earnings & Profits  A Denver tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist your corporation regarding corporate issues such as earnings & profits, and what this term means to their business.  A tax attorney can help individual business owners regarding certain transactions of which the corporate earnings & profits will play a role....
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5 Reasons or Situations of Which You Should Hire a Denver Tax Attorney  1) If you are being audited by the IRS or owe taxes to the IRS, you should contact a tax attorney.  An experienced tax attorney can represent you before the IRS and often prevent enforcement action such as bank levies, asset seizures...
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