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Will and Last Testament
Estate planning attorneys will often be asked, when should I create my will?  This is an important question, because having a will can be very important.  Generally, individuals with minor children will want to have a will prepared, and many people as they age in life want their will prepared so they can designate how they...
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Most people know what a will and last testament is and that a will is used to state your wishes regarding the disposition of your property.  However, many estate planning attorneys are still asked questions such as:  Who can be in my will?  What are the parties in a will?  What roles need to be...
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What is a testamentary trust?  This may be a common question asked of an estate planning attorney, and a testamentary trust may be a common type of trust used by an estate planning attorney when working on a client’s over estate plan.  In short, a testamentary trust is a trust that arises or is created at the...
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What is a will and who are the parties involved.  The video below has been prepared by an estate planning attorney at The McGuire Law Firm to discuss these issues.  Although, many people understand, or have an idea as to what a will is, many people still have questions as to what a will can...
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