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In addition to reporting foreign income, the requirement to report foreign bank accounts, assets, businesses, and trusts has increased over recent years, making international tax compliance more important and detrimental if not properly reported on tax returns or informational returns.
While many reporting requirements may not impact an individual’s or business’s income tax return, the failure to properly report foreign assets or income comes with steep penalties.

International Tax Attorney McGuire Law Firm

The US tax system places special emphasis on taxpayer activities outside of the US. 


The US tax code has certain filing and taxation rules for US taxpayers pursuing taxable activities outside the US (outbound) and on individuals or companies who are not US persons and are pursuing taxable activities inside the US (inbound). 


The rules around taxation and compliance for these taxpayers are quite challenging.


An international tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist you with your international tax reporting requirements and related issues.


Our international tax law services include:


FBAR compliance and consulting. Both current and delinquent.

International forms preparation and review (see list below). Both current and delinquent.

Streamline Compliance Procedures

Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures (DIIRSP)

Consulting on tax-efficient international structuring.

We consult on inbound (non-US persons with activity in the US) and outbound matters (US persons

with activities outside the US). Consultation services include tax-efficient structuring of investments inside and outside the US and related US tax compliance.


Preparation and review of US international reporting forms, including:


Form 926

Form 965

Form 1042

Form 1042-S

Form 1116

Form 1118

Form 1120-F

Form 2555

Form 5471

Form 5472

Form 5713

Form 8288

Form 8288-B

Form 8621

Form 8802

Form 8804

Form 8805

Form 8813

Form 8832

Form 8833

Form 8854

Form 8858

Form 8865

Form 8938

Form 8990

Form 8992

Form 8993

Form SS-4

Form W-8BEN

Form W-8BEN-E

Form W-8ECI

Form W-8IMY
The US tax international informational filing obligations are not easy. Always consider the assistance of a
qualified professional when making these determinations.

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