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Business Sales and Acquisition

Business Sales and Acquisition

The structuring of a business sale or acquisition has significant implications such as tax consequences and liability after the transaction.  Further, there are many issues to consider when proceeding with the sale or purchase of a business.  For example, is the purchase price the correct amount?  How shall the purchase price be paid- long or short term note/debt, cash, stock or other?  What risks are involved?  What is the overall exposure to different types of liabilities?  For these reasons, involving a business attorney, preferably with a background in taxation, as early as possible in the process increases the chances of a beneficial outcome to the business owner and avoiding potential conflicts as well as unnecessary liability and exposure after the transaction.


Contact The McGuire Law Firm to learn how a Denver business attorney can help you and your business.  The McGuire Law Firm can assist you with the following:


–          Business mergers, sales and acquisitions

–          Choice of Entity

–          Business Restructuring

–          Business Reorganization

–          Stock Purchases

–          Asset Purchases

–          Exit Strategies and Succession Planning

–          Corporate Duties to Creditors and Shareholders

–          Drafting Agreements

–          Negotiating Agreements

–          Business & Tax Consulting


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