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Deducting Business Expenses
Understanding Tax Deductions
 Small Business Tax Deductions Business owners often wonder how many tax deductions they can write off against yearly income taxes. They can do this by taking either a current or a capital expense. A current expense benefits the business, such as paying employees’ salaries. A capital expense does not benefit the business directly, like buying...
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Determining If Your Activities Are A Business Or A Hobby
Business as a Hobby If your business claims a net income loss for too many years or fails to meet other IRS requirements, the IRS may determine that it qualifies as a hobby. This could mean that you won’t be able to deduct any losses related to the business, and you won’t be allowed to...
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Can I deduct my meals as a business expense?  Can I deduct this flight as a business expense?  Can I deduct the cost of my clothes or uniform as a business expense? As a tax attorney, these are common questions I am asked, and rightfully so as everyone wants to take advantage of all potential...
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