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IRS Debt Relief
What constitutes IRS tax debt relief?  As a tax attorney, I think the following constitute IRS tax debt relief: formalizing an agreement to resolve an outstanding tax debt, resolving a tax audit in a manner favorable to a taxpayer or with no change to the taxpayer’s tax return and saving a taxpayer money through a...
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What is IRS tax relief?  You may have heard this statement on the radio, tv or elsewhere but what do you think it means?  A tax attorney from the McGuire Law Firm has prepared the video below to provide what they feel constitutes IRS tax relief.  In short, such relief is likely to involve the...
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What is IRS debt relief?  I have heard many people and/or companies refer to IRS help or IRS representation as IRS debt relief when an individual or a business owes taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.  I think that “IRS debt relief” focuses on resolving an outstanding tax debt to the IRS and/or lowering an...
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