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S Corporation Election
Limited Liability Companies May Conflict With S Corporation Elections
Limited Liability Companies Conflict With An S Corporation Operating Agreement Abiding by the LLC operating agreement may cause the entity to operate in a manner that invalidates the S corporation election.  An LLC can be formed quickly and has a lot of flexibility regarding members, operations, and taxation structure. It is not rare for an...
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To become an S Corporation (or to be taxed as an S Corporation) an election is made with the Internal Revenue Service.  In addition to such election, an S Corporation must meet certain requirements related to: it’s shareholders, types of shares and numbers of shares.  The video below has been prepared by a Denver business...
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Certain small businesses may choose to make the S corporation election and be taxed as an S corporation.  The video below has been prepared by a tax lawyer at The McGuire Law Firm to provide some general information regarding the S corporation election.  You can speak with a Denver tax lawyer by contacting The McGuire...
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