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Corporate Merger
In previous articles, a Denver business attorney at The McGuire Law Firm has discussed certain types of mergers.  Recently, a client inquired as to who votes in statutory merger and such question or issue deserves some attention.  The article below has been prepared by a business attorney to provide general information regarding corporate voting issues...
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In a previous article, we discussed a stock swap statutory merger, which may be considered a “plain vanilla” statutory merger between two corporations.  It was also noted that this merger would be a tax free reorganization, known as an A Reorganization.  Certainly, not all mergers are tax free reorganizations.  The article below has been drafted...
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How do businesses merge, or how does one business acquire another business?  Maybe you have read of mergers and acquisitions in the Wall Street Journal, or maybe you hear about them on the news.  But, how do these mergers or acquisitions actually occur internally in terms of corporate ownership?  There are multiple ways for one...
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