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Who Owns an LLC and Do They Expire
What Is an LLC? An LLC is a business organization called a “limited liability company.” It’s a separate legal person from its owners. This means you are not personally liable for the LLC’s debts, obligations, or liabilities. In addition, the LLC cannot be sued without joining the owner(s) and the LLC. The LLC is similar...
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Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company And Colorado’s Requirements A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular choice of entity for many business owners in Colorado. Further, many business owners in Colorado will form other forms of partnerships, whether they mean to or not. When forming the actual entity, many business owners are unaware of the statutory requirements...
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Limited liability companies (LLC) have been very popular entity choices in recent times.  An LLC can be very flexible in terms of profit, loss and other item allocation, and other membership issues.  However, as a business attorney, I am often asked, how do I form an LLC?  Thus, I have drafted the article below to...
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For many reasons, limited liability companies (LLC) are a popular choice of entity for small businesses.  An LLC can provide a lot of flexibility for the business owners in addition to limited liability.  However, many of the individual partners or members who form the LLC will ask, how is the LLC taxed or how am...
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