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How Tax Debt Can Put Your Passport At Risk
Can the IRS Take Your Passport? Congress passed legislation in January 2018 that defines people who owe more than $50,000 in federal income taxes as “seriously delinquent” and risk losing their passport. This classification triggers a process where the IRS sends out notices to taxpayers who are overdue on payments. If you ignore those notices,...
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As a tax attorney it is important to know and understand a taxpayer’s rights before the Internal Revenue Service, and I feel it is important for a taxpayer to know and understand their rights as well.  It is exciting and interesting to hear that the Internal Revenue Service has recently adopted a Taxpayer Bill of...
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A collection due process hearing is a hearing afforded to taxpayers with certain issues before the IRS.  This hearing may help in resolving a tax matter such as a tax debt, and provides due process to the taxpayer.  The video below has prepared by a Denver tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm to provide...
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If you have ever received final notice of intent to levy from the Internal Revenue Service (also called Letter 1058) you may have notices that you have the right to a hearing.  Generally, there are two options regarding your request for a hearing.  If you make the request for a hearing within 30 days from...
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