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941 Tax Debt
Embezzlement or theft may be a more frequent issue faced by small and medium sized businesses than many people think.  Often office managers or employees will improperly take money or assets from a business.  Although, perhaps not as common as an employee misappropriating monies or assets, I have seen professionals, such as the businesses CPA...
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A 941 tax debt (or employment tax debt) to the Internal Revenue Service is a very serious tax liability.  Form 941 is the quarterly tax return whereby an employer will report wages paid, social security, Medicare and federal income tax withheld.  Often when a business is in a cash crunch, the net payroll will be...
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Quite often a client will be in my office and they will state that their business has a 941 tax debt (employment tax debt).  This generally occurs because the business is tight on cash flow and thus the employees will be paid their net checks, but the taxes withheld will not be paid to the...
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If your business owes 941 tax debts to the IRS you may have been or may be personally assessed the trust fund portion of the 941 tax debt.  If so, a tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist you in resolving these matters.  As a tax attorney, John McGuire has assisted and resolved...
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