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What is a business lawyer and how can a business lawyer help my business?  This may be a common question or thought of many Denver Small Business Attorneybusiness owners.  A business lawyer may assist a business and the owners of the business in many ways.  Some lawyers may specialize in very specific business transactions and others may work in a wider variety of business transactions and matters.  A Denver business lawyer from The McGuire Law Firm has provided a list below of the ways and means by which a business lawyer may be able to assist you or your business.


–         Choice of Entity:  A business lawyer or attorney may assist you in choosing the proper entity or entities to operate your business.  The choice may depend upon tax matters, liability issues, the assets of the business, goals of the business and other issues.

–         Business Formation: Your business lawyer can assist in forming the business entity with the secretary of state and drafting the necessary documents for the business such as corporate bylaws or a partnership agreement.

–         Business Structure: Depending upon your circumstances, it may be advisable for you to have multiple businesses or entities.  A business lawyer can assist you in the overall structure of the business and the multiple entities.

–         Taxation of the Business and Business Owners: Your business lawyer should be able to advise you on how the business and/or you as an individual taxpayer will be taxed.  Further, your business attorney should be able to spot tax issues and concerns based upon your type of business and structure.  If your business attorney is unable to counsel you and your business on tax matters, you should probably speak with a tax attorney.  It is always best to understand your tax obligations and deadlines in advance.

–         Contracts & Agreements: A business lawyer can draft and review contacts and agreements that the business is executing or considering executing.

–         Mergers & Acquisitions: Your business may be looking to acquire another business, or maybe another business has made a proposal to purchase your business.  A business lawyer can assist you with the transaction.

–         Sale or Transfer of Business Assets: Your business may have valuable assets and a business lawyer can assist you with the sale, transfer or disposition of these assets.

–         Tax Issues Regarding the Sale of Business Assets or Interests: Your business lawyer may be able to counsel you regarding the tax consequences and implications of the sale of business assets and/or the sale or transfer of business interests.  For example, how is an asset sale treated in comparison to a stock sale?  If your business lawyer does not have the tax background and knowledge to counsel you on these tax matters, it would be smart to consult with a tax attorney prior to entering into the transaction.

Hopefully, the above list provides some insight into how a business lawyer could assist and help your business.  You can speak with a Denver business lawyer at The McGuire Law Firm to discuss your needs and business issues.

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