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What is an IRS tax lawyer?  I have the term IRS tax lawyer and thought I would draft an article and prepare a video to provide what I feel could constitute an IRS tax lawyer.

First, an IRS tax lawyer could be a lawyer that works for the Internal Revenue Service.  This lawyer would likely represent the government in cases before the United States Tax Court.  These cases would likely involve tax controversies and issues regarding the additional assessment of tax to individuals and businesses.  The specific reasons for the additional assessments of tax could be because not all income was claimed, the IRS is disallowing certain expenses or credits and/or the IRS is disagreeing with how (or where) a specific item was claimed on the individuals or businesses tax return.

On the flip side, an IRS tax lawyer could be a lawyer that represents taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in the certain situations that are described above.  John McGuire is a tax lawyer in Denver at The McGuire Law Firm and represents clients before the IRS in matters relating to IRS tax debts, IRS tax audits and other IRS tax disputes. Please feel free to contact John to speak with him regarding any of your tax questions or issues.  In addition to his law degree, John has an advanced degree in taxation known as an LL.M. and enjoys applying his tax knowledge to his client’s issues before the Internal Revenue Service and business related matters.  A free consultation is offered to all potential clients.

Contact The McGuire Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with a Denver tax lawyer!  The McGuire Law Firm has offices in Denver and Golden Colorado for your convenience.

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