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What is an IRS tax attorney?  I have heard the term before and as a tax attorney I thought I would draft the article and prepare the video below to provide my opinion or definition of an IRS tax attorney.

First, in my opinion, an IRS tax attorney could be an attorney working for the Internal Revenue Service.  Such attorney may represent the government in United States Tax Court, an IRS Appeal Office or another division or department of the IRS.

Second, in my opinion, an IRS tax attorney may be an attorney that represents individuals and/or businesses before the Internal Revenue Service.  For example, such attorney may represent a business that is being audited by the IRS, or an individual that owes taxes to the IRS.  If an individual or business owed taxes to the IRS, this tax attorney may attempt to settle their clients tax debt, or resolve such debt through another formal agreement with the IRS such as an installment agreement.

You can speak with a tax attorney in Denver by contacting The McGuire Law Firm.  A tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can represent you or your business before the Internal Revenue Service if you owe taxes, are being audited or have another type of dispute with the IRS.

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