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Free Consultation

The McGuire Law Firm provides a free consultation with a business attorney.  John McGuire, the founding partner of The McGuire Law Firm believes it is important to provide a free consultation to small business owners for many reasons.  First and foremost, as a business attorney, Mr. McGuire views his relationships with clients as a long term relationship and therefore, he feels it is very important to get to know a client and for a client to get to know and feel comfortable with their attorney.  When being charged by the hour or a for a limited consultation, a potential client will often rush or hurry through their issues.  Therefore, a potential client should be entitled to a free consultation whereby they can discuss their business issues, questions and matters, as well as their overall business goals such that the attorney can fully understand what assistance a client is looking for. Furthermore, Mr. McGuire has paid for an initial consultation with an attorney, and did not feel a benefit was received from such consultation and therefore, no fee should have been required.

In terms of business services provided, a business attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist your business with the formation of the business, business contracts, drafting & negotiations, business tax matters and the purchase or sale of business assets or interests.  Mr. McGuire has enjoyed long term relationships with his clients and always welcomes the opportunity to meet with potential new clients to discuss their businesses and business endeavors and goals.  You can schedule a free consultation with a Denver business attorney by contacting The McGuire Law Firm.

The video below further discusses the free consultation provided by The McGuire Law Firm, and can also act as a short introduction to the law firm.  Please feel free to contact The McGuire Law Firm at anytime.

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