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Darlene K., Midland MI

By business had a large 941 tax liability mainly due to a family member’s death.  I had worked with other tax attorneys trying to resolve the issue with the IRS but felt like I was not getting anywhere.  I was referred to John McGuire, and hired John as my tax attorney to represent me before the IRS.  John dealt with the IRS while my business was sold  and then represented me personally because I was held responsible for a portion of the taxes.  I was so scared of the IRS, but the IRS never touched my business or me personally.  John was able to settle my personal tax debt with the IRS using an offer in compromise and the tax liens were removed.  I continue to consult John regarding my federal tax questions and he always takes the time to speak and work with me.  I have recommended John to family and friends and he has helped them with their personal and business taxes.  I would highly recommend John as a tax attorney to any individual or business.

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