testimonials from customers

Jasmin E., Denver, CO

John has provided outstanding legal counsel and guidance in helping me

work through a number of IRS tax issues and implications. Over the past 5

years, John has provided sound advice, guidance and tangible business

options that helped my company dig through the paperwork, and language

which helped me to create a viable and reasonable path towards resolution.

He was also instrumental during a tax audit laying out a tested blueprint for

the approach and never failed to accompany me during the audit meetings.

John is trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable about all tax matters, but

adds value in his ability to understand and appreciate the small business

owner and the challenges we face in running a business. Through our entire

business relationship, John has been responsive and detail oriented, allowing

me to stay focused on my business and not getting distracted with legal



“Thank you for your professional services!

Brent C., Boulder, CO

As a long time business owner of two real estate businesses, I found myself owing a large amount of money to the IRS.  Through research on reputable firms, I found John.  With John’s help, I was able to move past poor decision making between myself and my previous accountant and work toward a resolution that I could manage.  Because of my positive results so far, I will be working with Mr. McGuire and The McGuire Law Firm to restructure my companies to eliminate costly taxation and get my cash flow back on track.  Thanks John, for the personal attention and for working with my situation.

Brent C.  Boulder, Colorado

Brady D. Denver, CO

The simple truth is, I can sleep at night again thanks to John McGuire. Thanks to some poor decisions and a great deal of procrastination, I found myself in a huge hole and the IRS was starting to throw shovelfuls of dirt on me. Thanks to fees and penalties, the relatively small amount I owed to the IRS for back taxes ballooned to nearly $50,000.

I had just had money from bank account seized and was close to having my wages garnished when I walked into John’s office. With his work and expertise, we eventually settled with the IRS for less than $1,000.

I still have a hard time believing John’s efforts worked out so well for me – it’s truly incredible.

Thank you, John! Your professionalism and knowledge saved the day for me!

Signed, Brady D

Coy P., Fort Morgan, CO

I have used John McGuire as my business attorney and tax attorney for over four years.  John has assisted me with the sale of a partnership and the related tax issues, business contracts, tax planning and other business issues.  I can always get a hold of John for his advice and counsel, and I value his opinion more than any other professional I work with.  Most importantly, John is able to describe tax laws in a manner that make sense, as I am not a tax person! I strongly recommend John to any business owner or individual looking for legal assistance with their business or tax issues.

Coy P, Fort Morgan, CO

Leonard S. Denver, Co

I hired John McGuire as my tax attorney to help me with my IRS tax debts.  I had been paid as a 1099 independent contractor and did not know about self employment taxes and estimated payments.  John helped me understand my tax requirements and got me back on track.  Thereafter, John was able to settle my tax debt with the IRS through an offer in compromise.  The fees charged were very reasonable, and I was allowed to make payments.  I continue to use John regarding my tax and business questions, and would recommend John to any friend or family member.

Leonard S, Denver, Colorado

Darlene K., Midland MI

By business had a large 941 tax liability mainly due to a family member’s death.  I had worked with other tax attorneys trying to resolve the issue with the IRS but felt like I was not getting anywhere.  I was referred to John McGuire, and hired John as my tax attorney to represent me before the IRS.  John dealt with the IRS while my business was sold  and then represented me personally because I was held responsible for a portion of the taxes.  I was so scared of the IRS, but the IRS never touched my business or me personally.  John was able to settle my personal tax debt with the IRS using an offer in compromise and the tax liens were removed.  I continue to consult John regarding my federal tax questions and he always takes the time to speak and work with me.  I have recommended John to family and friends and he has helped them with their personal and business taxes.  I would highly recommend John as a tax attorney to any individual or business.