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Do you need to have an attorney draft your estate planning documents?

Estate planning attorneys often see people try to “save money” by purchasing software that allows them to create their own estate planning documents. These same people say that attorneys charge high fees for basic documents just to make money. Though some attorneys may charge high fees, the consumer holds the power to shop around for the best attorney for him or her. At The McGuire Law Firm an experienced Denver estate planning attorney will charge you a fair price for all estate planning services, including a basic will plan, which includes documents tailored to each client’s specific needs.

When you speak with an estate planning attorney, however, the communication allows the estate planning attorney to tailor the documents to your needs. Do you own rental property? Do you own a small business? Do you have minor children? Do you have specific family issues for which the documents must address? Moreover, the attorney, based on his or her experience, may bring up additional issues or questions that the individual may never have thought of on his or her own.

Most people, once they learn the cost associated with hiring an experienced estate planning attorney to draft their documents, find the fee more reasonable than they expected. Also, the companies that sell and promote their documents do not have an altruistic motive for doing so. They make money for pre-packaged documents. Their companies work from a profit motive despite statements to the contrary.

Contact The McGuire Law Firm to speak with an estate planning attorney and discuss your needs.  Free consultation.

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