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As a business attorney, John McGuire counsels small to medium sized businesses on a variety of issues and transactions.  Below is a short outline of some of the matters in which your business may be able to use the services of a business attorney.

Business Formation & Structure

The formation and structure of your business can have tax implications, liability implications, impact the sale, transfer or disposition of your business and create many other issues.  If you have questions regarding how to form or structure your business, it may help to discuss this matter with a business attorney.

Business Contracts & Negotiations

As a business operates it will inevitably enter in to business contracts & agreements and these contracts may require certain negotiations.  A business attorney can assist you in drafting these contracts and/or reviewing them so as to protect your interests, as well as advise and educate you regarding the terms of the contracts and the overall exposure from such agreements.

Tax Implications of Certain Business Transactions

A business attorney with a background in taxation maybe also be able to advise a business and the business owners as to the tax implications of a business transaction.  Most every business transaction whether it be a purchase, sale, transfer or other disposition will have some type of immediate, short term and/or long term tax impact.  Actually, if you are business owner, ask yourself the last time you entered into a business transaction and one of your primary concerns was not a tax concern or tax questions.  John McGuire holds an advanced degree in taxation known as an LL.M. and applies his knowledge in tax to his client’s business situations and transactions.

Business or Asset Acquisitions & Sales

If you are considering selling your business or buy another business, or purchasing or selling business assets, a business attorney can assist you with drafting or reviewing the proper documents, advising you of specific issues and negotiating the terms of such transaction.

The above examples are somewhat general and just a few of the ways in which a business attorney may be able to assist your business.  You can speak with a Denver business attorney at The McGuire Law Firm through a free consultation if you have questions or a matter that you feel you need assistance with.  John McGuire has prepared the video below to provide additional information, and hopes you find it useful.  Please feel free to contact The McGuire Law Firm at anytime.

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