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Notice of Deficiency
Under certain circumstances a taxpayer may find themselves in United States Tax Court or have the ability to petition the United States Tax Court regarding a tax matter with the Internal Revenue Service.  The US Tax Court is a “travelling” court in the sense that it is not always in session in all of the...
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An IRS Notice CP 2000 is a Notice of Deficiency.  The notice is issued by the IRS when the IRS is proposing an additional assessment of tax.  The notice will state the items that the IRS is disagreeing with and how such change will impact (increase) your tax liability. For example, the IRS could state...
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A tax attorney at The McGuire Law Firm can assist you if you receive a Notice of Deficiency (sometimes called a CP 2000)from the Internal Revenue Service. The video below has been prepared to provide general information regarding an IRS Notice of Deficiency.  Please contact our law firm with any questions.
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