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IRS Installment Agreement
In order to be eligible to resolve an outstanding federal tax liability on a voluntary basis (i.e. installment agreement or offer in compromise), as opposed to having it forcefully resolved through collection action such as levies, garnishments, and the seizure of assets, the IRS has two basic requirements.  The first requirement is that you are...
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What is an IRS installment agreement?  How much will the IRS want each month to pay back my taxes?  As a tax attorney, these are common questions I am asked when an individual or business owes back taxes to the IRS and is looking at paying such taxes through an installment agreement or payment plan. ...
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An installment agreement with the Internal Revenue Service is an agreement whereby a taxpayer agrees to pay a certain amount of money on or before a certain day of each month to satisfy their outstanding tax debt with the IRS.  As a Denver tax attorney, John McGuire has established many installment agreements with the Internal...
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