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Incomplete Gift
Many individuals will transfer property into a trust and think they have made a gift.  These individuals may be right, or they may be wrong under certain circumstances.  It is not uncommon for the donor, or person placing property into the trust to want to have and hold certain powers over the trust property.  These...
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In previous articles we have discussed incomplete gifts and the power to revoke, and how such matters could impact making a gift in terms of estate planning and estate tax.  The article below will continue to discuss related matters, but focus more on conditional gifts, gifting to a minor and a mistake of fact.  Please...
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Often when property is gifted, whether directly or perhaps into a trust agreement, the transfer may be incomplete or only partially complete.  An incomplete gift may be from design, and some estate planning attorneys will use an incomplete gift purposefully within an overall estate plan.  Other times, the gift may be incomplete, but not necessarily...
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