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Many people have heard horror stories about the probate process.  Maybe they have heard probate is costly, or maybe it took a very long time for a friend or family member to go through the probate process for a loved one.  Due to these issues and stories, it is common for estate planning attorneys to...
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Estate planning attorneys are likely to receive the question, “what are testamentary assets?”  Many people are aware of the terms will, testamentary and probate.  Further, many people are aware that there are means by which to avoid probate, but they still do not fully understand what a testamentary asset is.  The article below has been...
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Most people have heard the term probate, but a common question asked to an estate planning attorney is, what is probate?  The article below has been drafted by a Denver estate planning attorney in an attempt to provide a short definition of probate. The legal definition of probate would be something like: the legal process...
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