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Business Acquisitions
In a recent article, a Denver business attorney from The McGuire Law Firm discussed a cash for asset acquisition.  The article below will discuss a related type of transaction that is similar, but also quite different called a stock for assets acquisition.  A stock for assets acquisition may also be called “C Reorganization” and can...
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What are some of the typical or general documents and agreements that parties will enter into when business assets, business interests or a business are being purchased and sold?  This is a common question a business owner may ask their business attorney when they are preparing to sell their business or purchase a business.  Although,...
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In previous articles a business attorney from The McGuire Law Firm has discussed certain acquisitions between corporations.  The article below will discuss an acquisition known as a cash for assets acquisition. The first step of a cash for assets acquisition, Corporation 1 would pay Corporation 2 cash consideration of the assets of Corporation 2.  Corporation...
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