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What is IRS tax relief?  Recently, I was meeting with a client and was asked this question.  When I really thought about IRS tax relief, I realized it is used generally, is subjective and thus likely has different meanings depending upon who you ask and the specific circumstances involved.  The article below has been drafted by a Denver tax attorney in an attempt to provide some examples of what a tax attorney thinks constitutes IRS tax relief.

Generally, I think of IRS tax relief as a broad statement used to explain or express the resolution to an IRS tax problem or matter.  Thus, IRS tax relief may be used to explain a situation by which a taxpayer is attempting to resolve a tax debt or has resolved a tax debt with an installment agreement or an offer in compromise.  Thus, the relief if not necessarily provided by the IRS, but allowed by the Internal Revenue Service through resolving the tax problem or issue and thus the taxpayer feeling relief that the tax problem has been resolved or is being resolved.

IRS tax relief may also come in the form of lowering a tax debt.  Maybe the tax debt is lowered because you submitted a request for a penalty abatement and the IRS has agreed to waive or abate the penalty and thus the total tax debt and over tax problem has been “relieved.”  Further, maybe the debt has been lowered because you have settled the tax debt through an offer in compromise, thus you as the taxpayer has been relieved of a portion of the tax liability.

If you are being audited by the IRS, IRS tax relief may come in the form of the IRS issuing a determination that no change will be made to your tax return, or that the IRS will allow a certain expense or agree with a specific tax position you have taken.  Perhaps you have petitioned the United States Tax Court in regards to a Notice of Deficiency or other matter and your relief comes in the form of the tax court agreeing with your position or settling the case with IRS counsel.

Thus, I feel IRS tax relief can occur in different ways and under different circumstances.  The common theme or thread of which I can tie to each case of tax relief is a situation by which a taxpayer resolves an IRS tax problem, an IRS tax debt or other IRS tax matter and thus is relieving themselves from the matter and/or liability.  As a tax attorney, I have assisted and helped many clients resolve their IRS tax problems and matters.  Therefore, I feel I have helped provide tax relief to these individuals and businesses.

If you are experiencing a problem with the IRS or having trouble with tax issues and matters before the IRS, please contact The McGuire Law Firm.  An experienced Denver tax attorney can assist you to resolve your tax problems such as tax debts and tax audits.  The McGuire Law Firm currently has law offices in Denver, Colorado and Golden, Colorado.  Please feel free to contact our law firm to schedule your free consultation.

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