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What is tax help or IRS tax help?  As a tax attorney I hear the term quite often and thus, thought I would provide information as to what I feel can be considered tax help.  Please read the article and view the video below, and of course, you can contact our law firm to speak with a tax attorney regarding your specific circumstances.

In my opinion tax help would include or mean assisting an individual or a business with a tax problem or tax issue.  Below are examples of situations whereby a taxpayer may need help nd the help that could be provided.

1) If an individual or business owed taxes to the IRS, tax help would likely include helping the taxpayer resolve the tax debt through a formal agreement with the IRS such as an installment agreement of offer in compromise.

2) If an individual or business had missing tax returns (had not filed tax returns with the IRS for a number of year or tax periods) tax help could include assisting the taxpayer to file these returns.  Such assistance may come in the form of providing information and transcripts to the taxpayer and/or actually preparing the tax returns.

3) An individual or business may have been levied by the Internal Revenue Service, and under such circumstances, tax help could include working to release the IRS levy and/or helping the taxpayer establish a resolution so that the IRS would not issue bank levies or wage levies in the future.

4) A taxpayer being audited by the IRS could use help in resolving the tax audit with as little to no additional assessment of tax as possible.  Tax audits can be very scary and confusing to a taxpayer, and quite often a tax audit on one period, can turn into a tax audit on multiple periods meaning the taxpayer could be exposed to additional tax assessments on multiple periods.

5) Tax help could come in the form of working with a business or individual to make sure they understand their tax obligations and responsibilities based upon their circumstances.  For example, a business with employees will need to understand how to withhold payroll taxes and how & when to deposit these payroll taxes with the IRS.  Moreover, such taxpayer must understand the 941 tax return filing requirements.

Thus, taxpayers may need “tax help” in a number of ways and circumstances.  If you have questions relating to a tax issue or matter, you can speak with a tax attorney in Denver by contacting The McGuire Law Firm.

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